Some things are too important to guess about…things like one’s STD status. Most of us assume we are STD-free, but how many of us can say for certain?  Not all STDs present symptoms right away, and some STDs can go undetected for years. Why take a chance on something that in most cases can be treated effectively before any damage is done?

This is the idea behind the KnoWyo campaign. We want every Wyoming resident to say with confidence that they are STD-free, and the only way to know for sure is to be tested. This website provides information on testing clinics throughout the state so that Wyoming residents can find a testing location in their vicinity. Confidentiality is assured, and trained professionals are there to answer questions, provide treatment and even make referrals for anyone needing further support.

Anyone who visits this site can also receive a voucher for a LOW- or NO-COST test, because cost should never be an issue in determining one’s status. All that is required is a zip code — we do not collect any identifying information via the website. It’s totally anonymous, and you can schedule an appointment at a clinic at any time.

We’ve also compiled numbers about STD rates throughout the state. The intent is not to point fingers or make Wyoming seem like a hotbed of sexually-transmitted infections, but rather to illustrate that STDs can occur anywhere, among any race, sex, age or income bracket. Someday maybe these numbers will all be “0”…but the first step in achieving that goal is for everyone to know their STD status.

KnoWyo.org is not intended to be a comprehensive resource about STDs and sexual health, but we’ve compiled a variety of information about sexually-transmitted diseases, including symptoms, treatment and prevention techniques. We also dispel myths about each disease, and even have a quiz to help you assess your understanding of STDs and how they spread.

So stop guessing about your STD status and get tested. Refer friends and family to the site as well – let’s get rid of the stigma associated with sexual health. Get tested today and know for sure.


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